The only camera SDK for iOS and macOS that supports over two hundred cameras from six manufacturers, via either WiFi or USB.

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CascableCore is an SDK for communicating with Wi-Fi enabled cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony. It provides a powerful yet easy-to-use set of APIs for all supported cameras — write code once, and you support over 200 different camera models!

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One SDK, Hundreds Of Cameras

Concentrate on building your app and leave the cameras to us. CascableCore provides a unified set of APIs for all supported cameras.

It's just like being tethered to a computer but wirelessly. Works on both my D750 and D7200.

— App Store Review for Cascable

Field Proven

CascableCore has been field proven by tens of thousands of users taking over a million photos. You'll be using the exact code our own apps do.

Swift and Objective-C

CascableCore fits right in with standard Swift and Objective-C patterns. Whichever you use, you'll be up and running in a snap.

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CascableCore has a fully-featured 30 day trial, allowing you to see the power of CascableCore for yourself. Request an evaluation license today!

CascableCore Feature List

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1: Autofocus abilities depend on the particular camera you're working with.

2: The exact set of properties you can change depends on a number of variables, including the particular camera you're working with and other camera settings, such as exposure mode.

3: Fujifilm and older Panasonic cameras don't allow access to RAW images over Wi-Fi, and many Sony cameras don't allow storage access at all. Check our camera compatibility page for details.

Get Hands-On!

For a more hands-on introduction to CascableCore, you can see our CascableCore Distribution repository to see our release process, version history, and some discussion on getting set up and some of the more advanced parts of the API.

Our CascableCore Demo repository contains a demo project that lets you see CascableCore being used in real code.

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CascableCore Demo on GitHub →

Bespoke Development Services

If you need more than an SDK, we can provide a complete set of development services — including a CascableCore license, integration into your app, and support — in one simple package.

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